I love learning. I love teaching what I have learned even more! I really don’t think anyone knows 100% of any particular topic, but I’m always striving to get as close to that as humanly possible.



Now that it is pretty, lets make it work! The web is no longer a string of un-ending digital billboards. Using the latest in scripting languages like Ruby, PHP, Javascript, etc, we can create an app that does just about anything your mind can imagine. What would you like to build?


WordPress has, and continues to, sweep the web! It is a powerful content management system that allows for all sides of the equation. Your developer and designer can build amazing things, while leaving you the flexibility to change the content! Don’t like a picture or text? With WordPress, changing the small stuff is easy as pie! Mmmmmmmmm…pie…


Google loves content! It also loves to see people sharing your content. While SEO is much more advanced than just content, at the end of the day: Content really is KING! Did I mention content yet? Content! All joking aside, contact me today for a free SEO evaluation of your site and some recommendations to improve your search ranking.


Accepting credit cards can be a massive undertaking. There are SSL certificates, account, and many more factors. I can help explain the process of e-commerce and offer solutions that meet your needs, be them large or small. Tell me what you want to do, and let’s get it done!