Hi. I'm Alex.

I'm a remote web developer specializing in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript (AngularJS), and front end markup/CSS. I currently live in Tampa, FL with my wife, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. When I'm not coding, I'm hanging with friends, surfing Reddit, StackOverflow, Github, or brewing my own beer. I'm currently learning AngularJS and the Ionic Framework.

Blog Topics

Web Design

Making a website that users actually want to use is a true art form. Understanding your users and how they interact with a site should be priority one. If it takes them more than a few seconds to figure out, you have failed. This is an important concept.

Web Development

I love working in full time as a Ruby/Ruby on Rails dev and have several WordPress clients that I serve on a daily basis. I'm currently working on some small AngularJS and Ionic projects as well. Most of my repos are private, but if you are interested in a code tour, please contact me.


Screencasting is the single best way to teach over the internet. It is one thing to let people read/interprate your code, but showing them the code as it is written is a whole other beast. Adult learners tend to need to see, hear, and do before it sinks in. Screencasts allow for all three.

Apple Computers

In recent years, Apple has become the market leader when it comes to tablets, laptops, and wearables. Their quality is second to none, and their marketshare proves it. Their customer satisfaction ratings are unbelievable for a reason. Yes, I am a 'fanboy', and proud of it!


WordPress has become the go-to site generator for a massive chunk of the world wide web. It is highly extensible, open source, and easy to pick up. I don't know a single SEO expert that doesn't use WordPress as their default Content Resource Management (CRM).


Google has created an ecosystem in which getting to and staying at the top of their search engine result pages, or SERPs for short, means big money. Many still believe getting to the top means pressing a few buttons on a keyboard. Nothing could be further from the truth.