A small sample of my most recent work. If you would like to see more, or some example apps, just ask :) .



SafeDefend is a fingerprint activated safe which allows for controlled access and secure storage of items such as gel pepper spray; a baton with a window break; trauma kit; safety vest; flex cuffs; high intensity strobe flashlight; and a whistle. It is receiving national news coverage as a way to help prevent more tragedies. SafeDefend was introduced to me from one of my previous clients and I could not be more proud to be associated with them.

Mentoring From Alex


I'm also a mentor for the bloc.io! I teach HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, AngularJS 1.*, Ruby, Rails, Git, Github, Postgres, Heroku, and more! Want to improve you coding skills? This is the way to go!


Adfitech com

I am currently employed by Adfitech. I work on both the front end and back office part of their site. The stack we primarily use includes Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Git, HTML/HAML, CSS/SCSS/Foundation, JS/CoffeeScript, CTDB, and MySQL. I am a remote developer, so communication is key. We use Basecamp, Campfire, Skype, and PivotalTracker to keep in touch and track the projects we are all working on.

BodyAwe | Coach Stephanie Wood

Bodyawe com

CCoach Stephanie Wood, PCC, specializes with women who take care of their own business, their jobs, family and friends before considering their personal health and wellness. I am her development lead and have assisted in creating a network of successful WordPress blogs. I transferred several of her sites from her previous development firm to our servers. I back them up, secure them, and update them monthly.

LaJoya of Tampa


LaJoya of Tampa is a boutique catering to women. Their unique blend of old school cool and modern really set them apart from their competition. They were referred to me from a business associate. I migrated their site, cleaned it up a bit, and tasked my incredibly talented wife with managing their social media. If you live near Tampa, you should pay them a visit.

Oklahoma Shelters

Oklahomashelters com

Oklahoma Shelters is a storm shelter/tornado shelter business located in Oklahoma City, OK. I have completely redesigned their WordPress site, optimized it for search engines, and set up a basic social networking presence. Our goal is to continue building connections with our existing clientele while finding more opportunities to help others survive deadly storms.